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pakikipagsapalaran ng tulisang pangkalawakan
My fondest memories of law school came from the grueling daily grind of recitation, and the humiliation, desperation, pride, and creativity that springs from it. Just saying the word “recitation” out loud brings me back to the classroom-my good friend, Fritz was on my leftside (for whispers of “consultation”), and the door was on my right (to exit when all hope is lost) and on the table was one man who scared the sh*t out of us all-Justice Jose Sabio, Jr.

If someone who isn’t a law student would want to know what law school is about, I would take him or her to Justice Sabio’s class. I had Criminal Procedure and Remedial Law Review under Justice Sabio. Boy, I sure did make a lot of fond memories with Justice Sabio- the humiliation (“WHAT?! THINK MR. SARMIENTO THINK!”), the desperation (“Mr. Sarmiento, you must be joking.Where did you get your answer?”), pride (“Correct Mr Sarmiento! You are the Savior of Humanity”) and creativity or utter lack of it (“Mr. Sarmiento, so you are saying that an example of technical evidence is technology? Inspiring”). I can still see myself slowly standing up trying to gain my composure in front of that table where Justice Sabio sits.

Today, roles had been reversed. Justice Sabio is the one called for recitation. The subject matter of his recitation is the easiest to recall but is, for some people, the most difficult to utter out loud- the truth. His blockmates? Everyone else around him.The one grading his recitation- the Big Guy up there.

The Filipinos have to find out and accept the cold truth that bribery in the Judiciary is a reality.(bribery everywhere as a matter of fact) Know it. Accept it. Deal with it. How do we deal with it? Let’s point out to Justice Sabio’s act of coming out in the open. He knows that bribery is a reality, he accepted it, he dealt with it.

My first reaction when I heard about the Sabio expose was “Yari kayo kay Sabio”. The heart of that man is forged in courage and as Rita pointed out (http://ritalula.livejournal.com/167568.html?mode=reply), integrity. Prayers to Justice Sabio. May he never back down from this grand recitation.

Yari talaga kayo mga hudas kayo.

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someone pushed the fast-forward button on my life after i passed the bar.rarely do i get moments to savor the earthy taste of the tea that i drink.Don't get me wrong for I'm not complaining at all.I just miss nights when I can just press the pause button and think about what I've been up to for the past few months.Like tonight.I can reflect on my eight (8) months of practice.

In my very little time in the practice, I pretty much like to think that I've discovered the secret to becoming a good lawyer.At least its what i think.Let me share it with you because its very simple to understand but quite a daunting task to do.To be a good lawyer, you should become both of the two things which make up a good lawyer.

first, you must comply with the word "LAWYER". In other words,you must pass the bar. You've heard all about the sleepless nights with your head buried in pages of the law.Is there something else to it? I think not.Its just plain and simple hard work. To pass the bar, you must study with intensity.You must be the lion-eating voraciously at the carcasses of its prey.Tear the flesh of the law out of the books that you read.

secondly, and more importantly, you must comply with the word "GOOD".I operationalize the word "good" to mean "good" in what i think is its purest sense. Away with those who feel self-entitled to everything just because there is "ATTY" before their names. Respecting other people, rising above the petty, facing the music with courage and meticulous fury,putting everything and everyone else before you, getting that nagging feeling that tomorrow there will be more to come.A lover of life in all its fullness and emptiness.Good means good.I think everything else will follow after that.


A good friend told me that whenever he knows that he's focused whenever he feels like that he's working in bullet-time.

Me?I just take my time learning how to dodge bullets.throwing my own as well.reminding myself every moment to comply with the word "good" since i already got the "lawyer" part done. Wish me luck!
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just a quick update

1. I'm still alive!

2. I passed the bar!

3. everythings going great!

4. the following is something that my friend did and he's about to release it soon....if you love the Philippines, this is a must..daw ha..

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please watch..and clean the beach

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bumped into mr. harvey tolibao in the greatest comicbook shop on earth, druids keep...he was kind enough to do me a captain marvel sketch. He said that he hates captain marvel because a lot of fanboys bashed his "veiny" version of the hero. Ironically,the most requested character for harvey to sketch is captain marvel so eventually, harvey liked captain marvel.

check out this cool pinoy creation!......the soarer of the spaceways himself

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i passed the bar!!!!

click on the link for my thank you note

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"When I look at you, I know there is a God. And that He loved me so much that He took the time to create you just for me."
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should us watchmen fanatics rejoice or worry?

check this out: http://rss.warnerbros.com/watchmen/

who watches the pollwatcher
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a lot of fans of the hit TV series "Heroes" will be a  little disappointed at the new plastic version of their favorite "normal" people with "special powers.These toys are produced by MEZCO and i must say, they just messed it up.Just check out the "Hiro Nakamura" action figure. from afar, it looks ok but when you check out the details up close, you'll get what I'm saying

This looks like my English teacher back in grade school rather than our adorable time-traveller. When I look at a Hiro Nakamura figure,I want to be reminded of bending time and space not of "surprise spelling" quizzes. The image above is just a preview shot and hopefully they would do a lot of changes to the sculpt.

now check out cheerleader claire in her plastic version

hmm...looks like it could work. I appreciate the way they sculpted her, with pubescent boobies and all, thus realistic. Unlike other action figures of women characters with huuuugee bumpers, the one who made this action figure seemed had some sense of enlightenment that its not just all about the boobies.....Or is it? hahaha

and its our very own reluctant drama king in his plastic version. My sister thinks that Peter Petrelli's the poster child for EMO.

For some strange reason, this reminds me of Peter Venkman of Ghostbusters probably in his hey-days

They've released pictures of Sylar and Suresh just check out the toynewsi.com website.

The only question that remains is...where is mr. muggles?


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rock and roll!

"nothing changes on New Year's Day"
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